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m1 garand
"... Greatest battle implement ever devised." - General George Patton. The M1 Garand was produced until 1957 and was the standard issue of the US Army and Marines during WWII and the Korean War. The M1 Garand's reputation for accuracy, reliability and durability was built on the use of only superior grade materials and workmanship and the "self-contained" design which exposes very few moving parts to the elements. The MILTECH M1 Garand continues this reputation by following the same principals of superior grade materials and workmanship in the restoration process. A MILTECH M1 Garand is so accurate it can be successfully used "as is and right out of the box" for competition! 

SPECIAL MILTECH M1 GARAND RESTORATION FEATURES  Gas system rebuilt; new stainless steel piston on OP rod, gas cylinder honed to match piston, guide-lug rebuilt and milled to original dimensions, new operating rod spring installed  New hammer spring  New clip-latch spring  New clip ejector spring  Rear sights re-worked and calibrated to insure a tight positive adjustment  New walnut stock, inletted to each action  New match grade barrel

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Original GI manufacturer  Action: Gas semi-auto  Weight 9 lbs 8 oz  Length 43.6 in  Muzzle Velocity: 2,750fps  Max. range: 3,450 yds  Max. Effective range 800-1,000 yds Magazine: 8 round, En Bloc 

ACCESSORIES INCLUDEDChamber Brush Combination Tool Two 8 Round Clips New Model 1907 Leather Sling Sectional Cleaning Rod Manual Padded Case Pine Crate 

Price - $1,895.00 (plus shipping, handling and insurance)

OPTION: Rarer Manufacturers: Winchester, International Harvester, Harrington & Richardson
(Please add $425.00 to above prices)

m1-d garand sniper

This rare firearm was adopted during  World War II and saw continued service through the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The most noteable difference between the M1-D and the standard M1 Service rifle lies in the scope mounting system. The "D" incorporates a special barrel which is fitted with an integral mounting block or "base". The scope mount is attached to this by a large knurled knob, allowing for easy installation and removal of the telescope unit. The M84 scope is steel bodied with an adjustable post and cross hair sighting system. It's unique and rugged design allows for complete disassembly and repair as well a field-simple adjustments for windage and elevation. 

THE GARAND M1-D INCLUDES ALL THE MILTECH M1 GARAND FEATURES AND ACCESSORIES, PLUS:  New M1-D barrel  New Stock  Removable T37 prong-type flash suppressor  M84 scope and mount  Scope case  New  leather cheekpiece 

Price- $3,450 (plus shipping, handling and insurance)
m1 carbine
The M1 Carbine was originally developed as a replacement for the M1911 & 1911 A1 Service Pistol. However, because of it's high rate of fire, light weight, versatility and reliability it became very popular and effective as a first rate "line" weapon. The M1 Carbine saw action in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. The MILTECHTM M1 Carbine restoration includes new springs and properly calibrated front and rear sights. In the restoration process, every attempt is made to match the major components of each M1 Carbine. For example, Inland receivers will have Inland internal components, Winchester receivers will have Winchester internal components, etc. 

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Action: Gas semi-auto  Weight 5 lbs 8 oz  Length 35.58 in  Muzzle Velocity: 1,970fps  Max. range: 2,200 yds  Max. Effective range 300 yds  Magazine: detachable 15 or 30 round  New walnut stock  Excellent bores  Optional selection of specific manufacturer (IBM, Winchester, Rock-Ola, Underwood, Inland, Saginaw, National Postal Meter, Quality Hardware Machine Corp, Standard Product Corp - Subject to Availability

ACCESSORIES INCLUDEDOne Magazine Magazine Pouch Web Sling Oiler Manual Padded Case Pine Crate 

Price - $1,695 (plus shipping, handling and insurance)
(Winchester  $1,995 and Rock Ola $2,195 )
m1941 johnson
Restored to exact military specifications, the M1941 Johnson is a very rare firearm designed prior to WWII by a Marine Corps Captain. The quick change barrel and a ten round magazine that can be reloaded during firing are but two of the many unique M1941 Johnson innovations. The M1941 Johnson was used by the Marine Raiders and the Para-Marines at the beginning of World War II and served as their main semi-auto rifle until adoption of the M1 Garand in late 1942. Extremely limited availability. 

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Action: Short Recoil Semi-Auto  Weight 9 lbs 8 oz  Length 47.95 in  Muzzle Velocity: 2,700fps  Max. range: 3,500 yds  Max. Effective range 800-900 yds  Magazine: Non-Detachable Rotary 10 Round capacity  New walnut stock  New 4 Groove Barrel 

ACCESSORIES INCLUDEDOil & Thong Cleaning Kit Combo Screwdriver New Model 1907 Leather Sling Manual Padded Case Pine Crate 

Pricing quoted on request. 
M1903 & M1903A3 SPRINGFIELD * CALIBER 30-06
m1903 springfield

The M1903 Springfield was the standard U.S. issue during WW1 and early WWII. The M1903/A3 was the Mid-WWII production version of the rifle. Both of these models earned the reputation as durable and extremely accurate firearms. The MILTECH 1903 Springfield comes equipped with a brand new barrel, a new bolt, a new ejector and extractor, a new firing pin and sear, a new walnut stock and a calibrated, tight rear sight to insure the extreme accuracy that these rifles are famous for.

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Original Rock Island, Remington & Springfield  manufacture Weight 8 lbs 11 oz  Length 43.2 in  Muzzle Velocity: 2,805fps  Max. range: 3,500 yds  Max. Effective range 900-1,100 yds  Magazine: Internal 5 round capacity 

ACCESSORIES INCLUDEDOil & Thong Cleaning Kit Combo Screwdriver New Model 1907 Leather Sling Manual Padded Case Pine Crate 

Prices (plus shipping, handling and insurance)
M1903 - $1,895
M1903 Mark1 - $2,095
M1903A3 - $1,825
M1917 U.S. ENFIELD - CALIBER 30-06
m1917 enfield
During WWI, more M1917 Enfields saw action than any other U.S. Service rifle. Sergeant York used his M1917 U.S. Enfield to single handedly snipe over 250 German soldiers with such deadly accuracy that the other 132 Germans threw down their arms (including 35 machine guns) and surrendered. The Congressional Medal of Honor was awarded to Sergeant York for this display of valor. The extreme strong action and accuracy of the M1917 U.S. Enfield have made this rifle a favorite of shooters and collectors. The MILTECH M1917 U.S. Enfield comes with a new match grade barrel, a calibrated sight and a new stock is custom fitted to the action. 

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Eddystone, Remington & Winchester  manufacture  Weight 8 lbs 3 oz  Length 46.3 in  Muzzle Velocity: 2,830fps  Max. range: 3,500 yds  Max. Effective range 800-1,000 yds  Manually operated turn bolt  Magazine: Internal 5 round capacity 

ACCESSORIES INCLUDEDOil & Thong Cleaning Kit Combo Screwdriver New Model 1907 Leather Sling Padded Case Pine Crate 

Price with new barrel - $1,895 (plus shipping, handling and insurance)
german mauser
The reliable, accurate and rugged MILTECH 98K German Mauser is an excellent example of superb German engineering and Manufacturing. The safe, strong and smooth Model 98K Mauser action has been the foundation of modern bolt action rifles for over a century! The MILTECH Model 98K's were originally manufactured between 1935 and 1945 and all have matching numbers, a deep blue finish, very good to excellent original bores, calibrated sights and a new laminated military stock. All the serial numbers, inspector stamps and dates are still intact on the metal components. 

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Original WWII German manufactures  Weight 8 lbs 4 oz  Length 43.5 in  Muzzle Velocity: 2,395fps  Max. range: 4,000 yds  Max. Effective range 800-900 yds  Manually operated turn bolt  Magazine: Internal 5 round capacity 

ACCESSORIES INCLUDEDLeather Sling Manual Padded Case Pine Crate 

Price - $1,895 (plus shipping, handling and insurance)

* Because each Miltech Firearm is built to order, please allow a minimum of 175 days for delivery of firearms.
Please visit our custom restoration page for details on these services.

GENERAL NOTES: Although no firearm can be restored to the exact configuration as the day it was manufactured, MILTECH has taken every practical step to maintain these firearms in military configuration without compromising safety or reliability. All specification and prices are subject to change without notice and current specifications and pricing supercede those previously published..
Restoration Process

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